Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 4 "you are worth it"

Sunday, December 4

blogmas: entry 4 "you are worth it"

hello, its me.
you may not know me or you may
you are a person
maybe you love the sound of the rain, maybe you dream of places afar, maybe you drink your tea in a mug with a big handle,
maybe none of that is true, maybe you are the exact opposite
whoever you are, whatever you do,
I just want to say I love you.

I love you for being here.
for existing
you may be going through something tough, you may be having the worst day, the best day, or even a boring day.
but I just want you to know that you are worth it.

I know, that phrase may sound overused and overplayed but read it like you have never seen it before.
let the words soak into you. roll them over in you head, say it out loud, write it down.
if you are still having trouble deciding what that phase means.
here is what it means to me.

"you are worth it"
four words. four syllables.
I have heard these very sounds we make with our mouths a lot.
and I used to ask myself "worth what, what am I worth"
and here is the answer I have found...

you are worth anything you want
you are worth loving, by people, by the universe, by you
you are worth doing, trying, failing and getting back up
you are worth working on, exercising, taking care of your mind and body
you are worth all of it.

you may not feel confident
maybe in your skin, clothes, thoughts, speaking, ideas.
maybe you don't feel your voice matters.
but the thing is it does.
It may feel like no one is listening that there is no one here to care.
but you can change that by caring yourself.

it starts with you.
what you put into the world comes back around
life is a circle
I believe that everything comes back around
if you put good vibes into the universe it will come back around to you.

When I am feeling unsure and unconfident in myself I like to pretend I am shaking off the feeling by just shaking my head, arms, legs etc
we tend to get so caught up in
am I worth it?
and we starting asking other people's opinion on us and asking them for approval when really you don't need anyone's approval for loving yourself
just go on loving yourself!
love your self
because you are worth it.
you are worth dressing up, taking care of, being confident
you are worth laughing, singing, and expressing your voice
you are worth the stars and the sky and the whole world
we all are
sometimes we don't feel like it.
but it's true.
we are all in this together
and we all are worth it.




  2. This is so beautiful, thank you for this <3