Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 5 "winter shoot"

Monday, December 5

blogmas: entry 5 "winter shoot"

This Saturday I went out and did some shooting for new pictures and it was so nice getting out and doing something that I love!
I really realized how much I adore working hard and doing things that will help you reach goals!

Goals are very important because they keep your mind in a certain space that when you are doing everyday activities you start noticing ideas pop up!

By setting goals you are bringing something that would normally be in the back of your brain up to the surface and that thing can start brushing up on other ideas and excitements resulting in a life that is centered to what you love!

My dream is to have a job either working for Vogue or creating my own business centered around fashion and motivation
I love being able to talk to people and make a difference
 I feel that there is so much you can do to help others just by being nice, caring and having a love for something.
This year, especially this month I have been in the mind set to create a life I adore
and to work hard on making my dreams come true
which is hard but not impossible

The key to making a happiness filled life
is to do the things that make your heart soar and do a lot of it
share your excitements with the world!
inspire others and collaborate!

Don't hold back because it is hard to find something that makes your heart feel that happy adrenaline so when it happens run at it with open arms and hold on to it!
Use it as power
And when you don't feel that remember the feeling and keep going


Since it is December I have been watching a lot of Vlogmas and it has gotten me so inspired to really focus on building this blog and work hard!

Two YouTubers who I recently found and are my favorites are Tessa Violet and Dodie Clark
They both are so motivating and wonderful because their videos are somewhat simple but they have so much wisdom to share and if you haven't checked them out you totally should because they are hard working and make you want to do the same!

Negativity is so easy to get sucked into and is all around but you have to remember that there are good people in the world you just have to look a little bit closer.

Never hold back, life is too short and beautiful for that!
Live alongside life and accept all the good you can!

I hope this post ignited some sort of spark in you and made you feel motivated!
Have a wonderful day, motivate yourself and others, work hard, don't let the little things stop you and stay magical. <3

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