Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 8 "future"

Thursday, December 8

blogmas: entry 8 "future"

This night I lay on the ground, looking up at the sky.
The stars sprinkle the surface like glitter, blinking by
They are beautiful and I sit and stare
but only those in darkness can see them and there is sadness there.

I look up towards the sky.
feeling small and fragile as the heavy frame of the air embraces me.
I feel trapped and I long to breathe.
I don't feel in my place and I wish I could see.
To see the earth from up there.
The stars are my home.
to be a bright light for all to see, and to be known.

I notice a bright star, as radiant as the sun.
It's light casts dancing shadows of abundance and fun.
now I feel even smaller, like I'm not even here. now as I watch, I watch with fear.
I feel connected with this star but she drives me away
I feel softness in this star but I am too scared to stay
I feel opportunity with this star and I dream to come near
But I sit here and watch as my future becomes clear.

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