Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 9 "getting over someone"

Friday, December 9

blogmas: entry 9 "getting over someone"

Today's post's theme is "Getting Over Someone"
Getting over someone is really hard, it is difficult to distance yourself from someone who used to be close. But if you are in a toxic friendship/relationship with someone and it isn't allowing yourself to be happy and free to do whatever you want then it is important and necessary.
Sometimes you have to experience a little sadness to see the sun again.
I have really learned that that is so true.
It is just like the weather one day I will feel sad and the air is gloomy and dark, but then the next day it is almost always a bright, sunny day!

If you are going through that darkness and feeling lonely right now.
Here are some tips on how to get over someone:
1. unfollow.
This part is hard and it does sound a little harsh to completely unfollow them.
But if you follow them on social media it helps to simply unfollow. It is hard but seeing continuous pictures and what they are doing just rehashes things and keeps it current.
It is great to be on good terms but you can still do that without following everything they do.

2. let the feelings come.
Don't hold in the tears, allow yourself to feel the sadness, it is completely normal and is key to getting over it. Let the feelings wash over you and then slowly disappear.
Moving on takes time and effort so don't rush it and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.

3. Write it down.
Write your thoughts down. write everything that you felt when you were with them, write everything you've held back and felt, write everything down.
and then throw it away.
Imagine that you are a river, pouring out all the negativity and thoughts and then throw it all away.
You may need to do this a few times,
it helps though and is significant.

4. evaluate.
Once time has taken away some of the pain and you are able to look back on things with a clearer perspective. evaluate on why you left or why it didn't work out.
You are such an amazing person and you deserve growth.
And if something isn't allowing you to do so.
It isn't worth the effort.
Look back on the happy memories and what you did gain with them and what has helped you and be happy for what is ahead. the times may have worked back then but that was then and now is now.
this is your time.
Think of them with love.
And remember that we are all people and even though people can be mean and hurtful
everyone is trying their best.
and doing what they think is best.
and if you believe leaving is best for you
then do it. because your time and effort is much more important then struggling for ever.
think of how much better it will be for you.
You are going to do so many great things.

Your effort should only go in positive places like pumping up yourself, and others and working on what you love and although it hurts now you will be able to look back on this nd be happy and understand how this pain has helped.
There will be times where you are thinking about something fond and start getting sad because it was with them, there will be moments where you feel so lonely and that you have no one.
But you will, you will.
This pain was necessary and you will be looking back on it with gratitude to your younger self thanking yourself for the tears because now those tears have created a smile.