Elly Lily: making gingerbread houses

Saturday, December 24

making gingerbread houses

Good Evening everyone and also Merry Christmas Eve!
I am so excited for Christmas tomorrow it feels like it has come so quickly and it is my favorite time of year!
As well as Christmas Eve today is the last day of blogmas!
I have had a lot of fun doing this challenge and although I wasn't able to get some entries up it made me realize what I like and what I don't love so much about blogging and also what kind of posts make me happiest!
Thank you all for reading my blog and spreading positive comments that never cease to make me smile!
And also get ready for the new year because a lot of awesome projects will be starting around that time!

Anyway, Today my sisters and I made and decorated gingerbread houses which was a lot of fun and super festive!
Here are the photographs I took...

- last photo taken by celia -

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