Elly Lily: this month...

Thursday, December 1

this month...

December 2016 is today.
which is crazy because it feels like the year just started.
This year has been tough.
It has gone by so slowly
yet fast.
and it has pushed me to grow and become stronger.
I think it has done that to all of us.
Just like every year should.

And since December is the final month of 2016
I wanted to do something awesome that will both celebrate the end, the beginning and of course Christmas.

That is why I created...

Blogmas 2016.
A whole month of daily posts.
Posts raging from:
fashion, growth, confidence, favorites, ideas, community.
and everything awesome.

I got really inspired by lots of people doing things like vlogmas, and other daily December challenges.
So I thought why not try it out! I am sure lots of people have used the name "Blogmas" before but it is too perfect not to use!

If you are still wondering what exactly is this "blogmas" here is the plan:

Starting today: December 1st
I will post a post every single day of December.
The posts will help YOU as well as myself gain things like
community, ideas, confidence, Christmas inspiration, and most of all growth for the new year!

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Also, As well as enriched posts every day there will be some changes to this blog and new things coming up this month!
Keep your eyes peeled! Because you wont want to miss anything!

Let me know in the comments what your December plans are?
And if you are excited on joining me for this happy month!


  1. Christmas! I'm so excited. I like your Blogmas idea, it's like a little blog gift countdown. :)

    1. Thank you Jo! And yes! so excited for Christmas!!

  2. Oh, hey look at that! I was *just* looking for other people doing blogmas! *subtly glances at Day 1 of Blogmas that I haven't published yet*

    I'm super excited to read your blogmas!!


    1. Yay! Blogmas friends! Keep up the great work!
      And thank you!!

  3. This is such a cool idea! Do you mind if I use it? (Even though it's the third already...)

    1. Hi Jenny! Thank you! You can defiantly use it!