Elly Lily: 2017

Tuesday, October 17

Your Power - a short poem

"If a tree falls in a forest, and there is nobody around, did it even make a sound?"

When someone chooses to get up after falling down but there is no storyteller to tell the tale, did it even really happen?

It does not make your story more real if you tell it afterword
it does not make you a liar if you choose not to share.

Your past is your past
and the realness lasts in you
You hold the power of your possessions
of your stories, of your actions, of your words

Use your experiences to ignite a fire in you that burns away the suffering
Make your voice heard, it is a lot more then nothing

You hold the power to change the world with your word
to change minds and make lives better
and the first person you hold the power to help is you.

Tuesday, October 3

Like Old Times ; A journaling of my past and current loves

It is now October, the month of crunchy leaves, Halloween, and all things autumn.
The start of a new month comes the end of another, these past few months I have been...


- Last August I had the wonderful experience of modeling for four local artists at a beautiful art studio called "East Oaks Studio" I posed for sessions of 20 minutes for two days, by the end the artists had created four beautiful paintings.
It was unlike anything I have ever done and it was so much fun seeing how each portrait turned out!

Tuesday, September 26

What does a flag mean?

What does a flag mean?
in the face of hatred and oppression, what does the representing image mean of a place that still has far to go?

The fabric that spreads across the country still has missing patches that forget some spaces.
The founding of our nation the first symbol of a new revelation cannot stay acting as the first and must rise up to become the second and the third and must evolve to accompany everyone who accompanies the idea of it.

Tuesday, September 19

they are singing - a poem

they sing
the people of the movement
they sing

the feminine denied of power because of the femininity
they sing
the rainbow of colors denied of showing their love for one another
they sing
the souls hidden from view because they are treated as dangerous storms by the real dangerous storms
they sing
the mistaken enemy that the enemy has made, who only wants peace and to not have to feel afraid they sing

Tuesday, September 5

what if? - a poem

what ifs roll through my brain
chasing ideas on roller skates
I can't catch them, they go down the drain.

what if love could be as passionate and spontaneous as a teenage dream
a fantasy
a book that has a happy ending
but not just a happy ending but our happy ending
but take out the ending
and what if it could just be our happiness
our love
what if love was just love
water in a glass
with no glass
just water
and the water becomes the air

Tuesday, August 29

Society's view of "women's logic" - my thoughts

In film and books and in many aspects of humorous writing that is portrayed in a man's perspective women often get cast off in this "you can not understand women" manner.

Jokes that in a way bring down women's minds and instead of looking a little deeper and seeing the beauty of a women's perspective, the joke keeps above water and simplifies it into "women's logic"

Yes, there are things that resonate more with a women's view just like you can say the same about men, but these ways of dividing the points of view seem to result in "men = simple, obvious, and the correct way of doing things and women = elaborate, emotional, unclear way"

Tuesday, August 22

August - a poem

August is the time of year that everything slows and recaps
to relap and start over to stop and move over
for the new season and the new reasons that make us happy

it is almost time for everything to diminish and August is the finally
the final burst of fireworks in a dark, midnight sky, the long stretch of vocals that signal for applause, the end of something wonderful.

August is the anticipation the sensation of the last summer day.
the warm air against your skin, the slight breeze beckoning for a new era to begin.
The last day spent in a whirlwind of nothingness the possibilities endless for something to arise.
it is the end of a summer song, the last chorus repeated until it is gone.

August is the time of summer that gives you a chance to say goodbye
before the birds of the warm weather take up to the sky and fly

Tuesday, August 15

Silence is Violence

This weekend in Charlottesville Virginia white supremacists held a rally to oppose the removal of a statue of the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee from a city park.
Late Friday night hundreds of torch bearing people marched in the University of Virginia. They walked to a statue of Thomas Jefferson, where a group of counterprotesters were gathered and a brawl ensued.
This event was planned to create fear and was an act of terriosm.
White sumpremacy has no place in America.

Monday, August 7

Why? - a poem

Why did this world grow up to show itself in this way
Why did the childhood of earth bring it up in this way
Why did it ever come to be that in places and head spaces two people cannot sit by each other in fear for someone to point out their existence.
Why did it turn out to be that because of what you look like, or talk like, or love that your voice's volume was turned down.

Why is it that there is only one version of a human that gets to use their mind
When we are gifted with a million different voices that can come together and find
a way of equality and a way of strength that allows everyone to have a say.

This earth is filled with millions of people, the universe holds billions of planets and stars, the force that surrounds the very fabric of existence, the shape that takes form in our mind when we say life.
we are so small and only a fragment of the complexity of space
So Why? Why does it matter what color your skin is or who are lovers.
there is so much bigger things then the discrimination of others.

Sunday, July 23

Welcome to "Elly Lily"

Hello, and welcome to "Elly Lily"
A blog that was past known as Iridescent Auras is now a site for poetry, fashion, feminism, and activism.

Tuesday, July 11

What is to Come...

In a past post I mentioned how I was ready for change and in a state of transitioning.
And as July is now in full swing and I have had time to discover what it is I feel I want to do.
I am so thrilled to be sharing what is to come of my blogging output.

Tuesday, July 4

An Ode To Independence - a poem

This is an ode to independence
To the immigrants who traveled by ship, sailed across to the new land
To make a new plan, riding the seas of the sailors to make a new span of a generation, crowds of independent minds coming to the new to make independent choices.
Groups of independent hearts that fought to let their hearts fly,
Who sank in the struggles of pirates who stole their name,
To the waves of people who were pushed by people, who had to work their way up to be treated as people
To the delicate dedication of the hands of the feminine who took to their minds and sewed together the different ideas and created a flag of freedom
To the layers of differences and continual confrontation. to everyone, not just those whose skin is the white of the striped fabric but to the red ideas, and the blue ideas, and the rainbow of ideas and inspirations that fought against an opposing force that brought the colors together and intertwined them into ocean of opportunity.
To all the changing and competing ways of life and to the dream that they will all unite to allow them all to exist in a flag of truth and a flag of equality.
An ode to everyone who calls themselves an American no matter if that calling is stalled by someone calling that it isn't true,
an ode to independence, to the attendants in the ascendants of descendents making amendments to further acceptance
An Ode to Independence.

Wednesday, June 28

Like Old Times ; June Wrap Up



Today I wanted to conclude the month by sharing what I have been loving, thinking of, and experiencing this past June, June went by very quickly and this month has been a month of transitioning into summer.
this month I...

Tuesday, June 20

Nostalgic Summer - a poem

Sunny mornings, rainy evenings
Same scenery, different feelings
old photos, out of date music
past heart, added uses

Tuesday, June 13

Why Wait? - a poem

Why do we sit around and wait?
Waiting for the time to stand up and speak
We stay quiet and watch the clock that in our minds will someday show a sign that will say that it is now the right time
But that signal never comes and so we stay seated, frozen in a place of stillness.

We ignore the problems because we expect another who has already found their time to resolve it
But it never gets resolved because that was the sign

The problem is the voice that is calling for you to come out of your internal mind, your closed off home of safety, your dead-end road of thinking, the problem awaits a solution and the solution is you
But you don’t notice that it has painted a picture of the future of you that is helping the world and you are blind to the obvious and soon the obvious becomes oblivious.
You are too focused staring at the clock that ticks down the minutes and seconds that count the amount of time you still have to get up and do something grand, you sit back and wait for your permission to arise and get frustrated at the hands of the clock that have not come to your time
But the clock is just a timer, a tick of a background beat that you use to keep count of the resolutions and revelations that you have brought to the earth
The real sign, the real time, the real reminder for you to step up and use your say
are the problems that sprout out creating a path that leads the way.

Tuesday, June 6

My first march ; March for Truth Experience

Last Saturday, the 3rd of June, The "March for Truth" was held in more then 150 communities.
The "March for Truth" was a way for people to come together and demand the truth in terms of Donald Trump being investigated for suspicions to ties to Russia and for Trump to release his Tax forms.
You can read more about the March, Organizers, and motives here at the official "March for Truth" page.

Tuesday, May 30

Stepping Into the New : a short poem

Stepping into the new
the same place with a different head space

it feels like last year but my calender says its a year later
things said from old friends have changed meanings, i need a translater

external screams of moments long ago, my eyes show images from the past i can not throw,
internal whispers secrets of the future, time passes and the secrets are revealed sooner.

a flower in the white of winter crushed and dying becomes a blossom of self relying.
done with trying and denying now flying without lying.

the voices of those that used to hold back the truth are now just a background beat of childhood and youth.

all the things that used to be the present have been opened, loved, stolen and forgotten.

the things that used to be on my mind are now something to look back on in the past time
a sweet gift of memory that is now not relevant is something to look back on with remembrance.

Stepping into the new
with a new race the past erased

it feels like last year but now a lot greater
the world is a blank space with a new creator.

Tuesday, May 23

like old times ; a post about the current

Hello Everyone, I haven't done a post about my current life in a while and since today is a rainy/relaxed day I wanted to sit down and write about what I have been up to, thinking, and getting excited for these days. So for today's post, enjoy this "like old times" blogging style post.


-about a week ago, for mothers day, my family went to the zoo. it was a bunch of fun, I got to feed a giraffe and see grizzly bears, which are both two of my favorite animals!

Tuesday, May 16

True You

we are born into the universe and we are the universe
we are stitched into the living,  breathing, heart of the fabric of time and space.
we are hidden from prying eyes, camouflaged in likeness to the backdrop of the sky.

Tuesday, May 2

Met Gala 2017 | My Top Ten review

Last night in New York City was the Met Gala and I don't know about you but pretty much all I have been doing since yesterday evening is awing at the artistic looks that guests showed up wearing.
So in the spirit of the Gala I picked out my top ten favorite looks and I will be reviewing them today!

Tuesday, March 7

A Look at Girl Bosses

Tomorrow is International Woman's Day and since this March I wanted to start sharing more of my thoughts conserning things that are happening nowadays I wanted to write this post.
A list of sixteen inspirational and motivational woman both from our histories past and our current present.
I hope this list sparks motivation to go after your hopes and fight for your beliefs just like these inspirations have done and will continue to do.
(list listed in no particular order)

Tuesday, February 28

February Wrap Up

Hello Friends,
Today, it being the last day of February, I make a closing of this month by listing the things I have accomplished this past February...

Tuesday, February 7

Sunday, January 22

Introducing Iridescent Auras Digital Magazine

The past few months and this month especially I have been working hard on an idea that sparked something within me, one of those ideas that gets you thinking and you just have to do it.
I love fashion, expression, and making people feel things.
and in our current day and age we all strive to connect and to communicate our beliefs and ideas
so this month I have the outmost excitement to share...

Tuesday, January 10

Wednesday, January 4

What to Expect...

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
Today I wanted to share more about this new look and what my plan/vision is for the new year!

Here is what to expect:

Sunday, January 1

Welcome to Iridescent Auras

Welcome to Iridescent Auras
Fashion. Vogue style shoots. Motivation. and Expression.