Elly Lily: Find the power in being soft

Tuesday, January 17

Find the power in being soft

The new year is in full swing and since it is now January, I put together the perfect outfit for these cold winter days!
I also have been thinking a lot about feminism and girl power and in this post I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

Often when their is a "strong female" character in a book or a movie I tend to notice that they share a lot of masculine qualities which is by far not a bad thing but there does seem to be a trend where the "strong female" is transformed to take on masculine traits as if she cant be a "strong" character without staying feminine.

In an interview with Alison Sudol (who plays Queenie Goldstien in the recent film "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them) She talked about how the characteristics of a women are what makes us considered weak" she also went on to say how her character Queenie is as feminine as you get and that, that is what makes her different.

There is such a beautiful message in that and I think that it is something that we have forgotten.
Because although I have no problem with females wearing suits and taking on a more masculine persona.
There is also something special about what makes up a girl.
attention to detail, warmness, and intelligence.
We need that in the world.

We cant just have one side of things.
Find the power in being a girl and in being soft, that is not what makes you weak.
That is an attribute and something to be proud of.

You are strong if you wear bolder clothing or a suit and you are also strong if you wear skirts and lace.
It doesn't matter what you look like, act like, or think like.
You are strong if you have a kind heart and know what you want.

There isn't one picture of "strong"



    p.s. can I have your shoes??

    xx Mackenzie

    1. Thank you so much Mackenzie! So glad you like it!

  2. You are literally some sort of model poet or something. Your outfit is so cute and I love and agree with all of this post! To be strong you don't have to be masculine. You can be both strong and soft. You are a skilled writer. I would be honored if you ever wanted to do a guest post on my blog. My email is at nabilaeve@gmail.com if that is something you are interested in. . :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thank you so much Nabila! You are so sweet and your comments always make my day! <3
      Also, Thank you! I would love and feel honored to do a guest post on your fabulous blog! I will have to shoot you an email sometime!

  3. Eeeep you're so beautiful! This outfit is freaking adorable too, I love how you fixed patterns in this look.