Elly Lily: February Wrap Up

Tuesday, February 28

February Wrap Up

Hello Friends,
Today, it being the last day of February, I make a closing of this month by listing the things I have accomplished this past February...

February Wrap Up

Memorized lines and went to Anne of Green Gables
As a mentioned in my last months wrap up I auditioned for Anne of Green Gables the play that a theatre near me was putting on, I got the role of Anne and this month I have been going to lots of rehearsals as well as working on memorizing my lines of which I have mostly memorized.

Wrote a Song
Some of you may already know that I enjoy songwriting and as well as expressing my thoughts through writing, photoshoots, and poems I also have written a few songs.
I wrote one this month that I really like it!

Sent out the February Iridescent Auras Digital Magazine Issue
If you haven't already definitely go check out and subscribe to my magazine!
Issues are completely free, easy to sign up to, and come straight to your inbox!
This month I put together and sent out the February issue of which was a lot of fun to make!

How to set myself up to succeed
This past month I have really realized to set myself up to succeed and how to properly plan.
Check out my post for tips


And that concludes a few of the things I have been doing this past month.
Get excited for March, I have some great things planned and cant wait to jump into the month!
What are your favorite things you did this month? And what are you most pumped for this coming March?

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  1. YAY! I am really interested in how you song write! You don't have to be a singer to do that... right?