Elly Lily: Pink Madness

Tuesday, February 7

Pink Madness

My heart is vibrantly sweet and I am addicted to the taste
I see the world in a rose colored filter and leave a little magic wherever I walk.

They say I am a myth a fragment of the imagination
that falling in love at first sight is only in stories and that true love doesn't exist.
I am your heart swelling when you look at something you love
I am the days of blue skies and soft clouds
I am a picture of intense emotions
I am the sight of blurry pictures not being able to see clearly
I am love

I drink in the madness
and it fills me with satisfaction
like a balloon on the verge of exploding or a secret held too long

I hit with a blow out of nowhere and then I am gone
but my presence still lingers and always will

those whose soul is torn apart come looking for me forever searching for the girl with the touch of rose
they want my presence to envelope them and take away their worries
they yearn for a taste of the sweet feelings I pour into hearts
they drive to insanity running and reaching for me
but I can not come to them
I can only run to those who are unexpecting, those who wont be ready for my calling
I creep on them and give them a feeling they've never felt before
a feeling they never knew existed but now they never want it to leave
a feeling of soft swelling and aching
twisting the unknowing into a tunnel of sickly sweat perfume
trapping hearts in my pink madness


  1. This is so bueatiful. Both the writing and photographs. :) You are amazing.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful poem and beautiful photos!! You are so talented! Is that you? Wow, you are gorgeous. <3 Love the warm, pink lighting.
    Your blog is so lovely! What a gem. Keep up the good work!!

    lavender & blue
    the inkpot girl