Elly Lily: Tips for Setting Yourself up to Succeed

Wednesday, February 22

Tips for Setting Yourself up to Succeed

The past month I have been working on setting myself up to succeed rather then to fail.
I often set myself up to fail without even realizing it simply by not properly planning and not sticking to my plans which result in me running frantically to try and hit deadlines.

In this post I wanted to talk about easy ways to keep track of your goals and make it easier for your self to succeed!

Plan Everything You Need to do

Most times when I have that frantic running around to complete a task like getting a post up or sending out a magazine it is usually from not planning everything I needed to.

Make sure you take into account what needs to be done and when it needs to be done so that you are able to complete a step and move on to the next.
Be realistic in your time frame and do yourself a favor by adding wiggle room.

Do the Steps

This is kind of an obvious tip but something that often slips past me.
Actually take the time to fulfill the tasks when you need to, it is easy to look at a project and feel you have plenty of time. but sometimes you don't and if you followed the first step and calculated your time frame you should probably be getting up and going for it!

Put the Project First

A lot of the time we take others ideas and assignments before our own and put aside our schedules to fulfill them.
Do that and feel that way with your own projects. Whether it be a blog, or a piece of artwork or planning for a self made business. Take yourself seriously and act as your own boss.

Celebrate every Victory!

And of course give yourself a pat on the back.
Don't be hard on yourself when things don't go your way. breathe. reevaluate. and move forward.
And remember to celebrate every time you have a small or large success!

And those are my tips for Setting Yourself to Succeed.
Have a wonderful day.