Elly Lily: Kindred Spirits

Tuesday, March 21

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits
they are rare yet everywhere
ghosts of souls floating through each and every one of us appearing only at times when their match is near.
There is something so beautiful about finding a kindred spirit, someone who connects with you and has something in them that becomes a magnet with something inside yourself

I dream of finding a kindred spirit, a true kindred spirit.
someone who knows me without having to ask why.
someone who doesn't think I am lonely just because I sit by myself but understands that I am watching and learning and observing.
someone who compliments my traits with their own but doesn't have to change to fit.
someone who I feel the vibration of life with and makes me feel it in myself as well as them.

life is really about finding kindred spirits.
and luckily you can find them everywhere, you just have to look.

I find kindred spirits in the lost, the souls that are broken, those picking up the pieces in the calm after the storm.


I find kindred spirits in the wanderers, the hearts aching for more to go out and see the world.
To not stop until they've seen it all and then go back and do it again.

I find kindred spirits in the learners, the minds that haven't seen it all.
the brains that eat up knowledge, no thought too small.

I find kindred spirits in all of us, we are all humans with different tasks we face.
Searching for our answers or a friendly face.
Gravitating to certain people, or places, or things
and trying to let go and fly with a newborn set of wings


  1. The flower crown is so cute and I love this post. :)

  2. Your hair. These photos. My heart. <3333

    xx Mackenzie