Elly Lily: the white ghost

Tuesday, March 21

the white ghost

she is a ghost of all the woman that have used their voice
she is a poem of all the souls who have sang their choice
she is the eyes of equality
the warrior of change

she is a queen of the place they call your stage
she is the daughter of the moon
and the mother of the sun
she is the creator of the flowers
and the trees
she is the one.

ponderers call her a mystery
travelers call her a myth
she is a fairytale story that mothers tell their children
she is the language that you speak with.

She is the fabric of the universe.
She is the blanket of reality.
a vision of the tangible
she is a forest of dreams, a painting hidden in the trees

She is all of us and none of us a crowd of shouting and a single calling
She is a he and a what and a who and a where
she is not just a girl she is a soul we all share.

She is the voice in the back of your mind
she is the idea that screams a whisper, a song that's turned down low.
She is the color that means go
she is the caring hand that pushes, willing you to do the most
she is the breathe of opportunity
she is the white ghost.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rose! Glad you like it!

      love, Elly

  2. oh. my. word.

    This is absolutely stunning, Elly. My jaw dropped when I saw these photos. Then, my mind was blown away after reading the full post. <3

    Stunning. Speechless. Exquisite.

    xx Mackenzie

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Mackenzie! This comment made my day! So glad you liked this post!

      love, Elly

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    1. Thank you so much Nabila! You are so kind!

      have a wonderful day!
      love, Elly

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    1. Thank you Amy! Glad you like it!

      love, Elly