Elly Lily: They call it a Revolution

Tuesday, April 25

They call it a Revolution

They call it a Revolution

A radical motion, an ocean of people blinded by their cause, their flaws their unexplainable desire to stand up and fight for their way, their saying what they want, no not saying because that is done in a normal situation but this is not normal not an everyday emotion they are screaming and shouting, tearing through glass, glass that covers eyes of those who cannot see the way of the people who are like you and who are like me.

they call it a Revolution
a solution to the intricate problem that has been erased and drawn back by hands of the black, and the white, and the brown, and the rainbow of colors that have been painted by decades of artists who are trying to harvest the many feelings that are released to the sky,they are trying to figure out why.

They call it a revolution
The people cleaning up the pollution of oily words said from hate, terrible decisions slivering snakes, hisses of voices whispering fates, messes of history we now call dates.

They are the new generation, the nation with the anticipation that they will soon be the ones to call the orders, to diminish the borders and create supporters.
They are the loud kids, the kids that don’t take no for an answer, the advancers.
They are the kids that you see waving flags of bright colors, they are the kids holding hands with their worldly sisters and brothers,
They are the kids who work with evolution, they are the kids who call it a revolution.

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  1. First why can't I find a bueatiful field of flowers like that. Second I think this post somehow sums of what I have been thinking about for like the last year.