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Tuesday, May 23

like old times ; a post about the current

Hello Everyone, I haven't done a post about my current life in a while and since today is a rainy/relaxed day I wanted to sit down and write about what I have been up to, thinking, and getting excited for these days. So for today's post, enjoy this "like old times" blogging style post.


-about a week ago, for mothers day, my family went to the zoo. it was a bunch of fun, I got to feed a giraffe and see grizzly bears, which are both two of my favorite animals!

- the pool recently opened in my neighborhood so last Sunday my sisters and I went with my little sisters friend and it was wonderful. I cant believe that summer is actually coming to be here it feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and keeping warm from the cold.

- working on my magazine and blogging direction. I have been thinking and working on my magazine and what direction I want to head in, in terms of my blog.


the thoughts that have been going on in my head have been organized, then messy, and then organized again. a constant whirlwind of the categorized and then chaotic, learning new things about myself and breaking through old things.

one thing that has been on my mind is the over stepping the fear of starting something and the struggle between starting and waiting for more knowledge.
I am the kind of person that feels the need to have all the information about a subject before I start experimenting which is good and bad.
good in the terms of, it is good to learn and find out about an interested field of thinking.
but also bad because you will never know everything and you have to start to learn about actually being in the field.

this is a subject of thinking that I have been thinking about and experiencing this week.

the subject being activism in terms of working towards equality and inclusive feminism.
these are causes I am passionate about and want to educate myself further on, I also want to add my voice to the many voices of change but it is hard to contribute when you don't have a full idea of what you stand for.

I recently broke through that barrier of fear and my inner voice became my outer voice.
the outlet for my outer voice was in a tweet where I shared my thoughts in a discussion many others were having.
I tweeted a simple piece about my thoughts and later got a reply from someone I didn't know opposing the idea, morphing what I said into something I had not set out to say when my fingers went to the keys,  a reply that made me rethink stepping into the are of uncertainty and made my fear take over and delete my thought.

it got me in a place of unknowing and it felt scary not knowing about a subject but being in the land of its thoughts and not knowing what to say.

I am still pondering this new idea but my current thoughts are.
is it good to learn about a subject before speaking? yes, yes it is.
but should that force you to stay silent and wait for the right time? no, you shouldn't stay hidden, your opinions matter and no, they wont be perfect the first time you open your mouth but you have to start somewhere, speak out. you may be corrected and opposed to but that is where the learning comes in.
trial and error.


this month I have been getting back into finding music that feeds the soul.
I had a candid break from listening to music because I found silence to fill my creative side better then beats and lyrics but now I have found some favorites that motivate me.

- "Hamilton ; an American musical" written by Lin Manuel Miranda
okay, I know, I know, this has been around for a while now but, even though I had to run and jump on to it because it already left without me, I am officially on the "Hamilton is the best thing in the world, help me I cant handle this awesomeness" train. choo choo!
but seriously this soundtrack is beyond words amazing.
so if you are looking for something that makes you want to become the president of the united states, change and help the world, make the best friends, fall in love, and go back in time to when America was just starting and help create this country you should probably listen to this now.

- "all we got" by Chance the rapper
this is a new discovery, after seeing Chance the rapper on the cover of Teen Vogue I searched the artist up on Spotify, like one does when testing out a song to see if it matches your vibe
This was the song that stood out to me!


the content my mind has been consuming is:

- "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
this book is a classic, that I have been reading this past month and I just finished it yesterday.
all I have to say is: it was amazing, such a powerful piece of writing that is something the world should read in our current political present.

- "The Music Issue" volume II of Teen Vogue
I have a yearly subscription to Teen Vogue, which is my favorite magazine and the place that is my goal career. This month I received "The Music Issue" and so I have been flipping through it and it is such a beautiful magazine, I love it.




- picnic basket style bags. A while ago I purchased a small picnic type bag from the thrift store, this bag caught my eye with a pouch like shape, brown pho leather handle, and simple latch. I immediately grabbed it up and from there the love story of Elly and "grandma bags" (as my sisters call them) became a classic.
a few weeks later my mom found another one of these unique bags, this one smaller with shiny gold handles and edging, I picked this one up, brought it to the beach, and introduced it to the family.

- brunches. For a mothers day / my mothers birthday celebration my family made a festive brunch, complete with mini cereal boxes, orange juice, and pastries
dare I say it was brunch-tastic.

- PeeWee Herman.
this is a show my mom has always loved and I hadn't watched it for a long, long time but while at the home of two adorable little boys that my sister and I have babysat we all watched it and it was so cute!
apparently this was a newer PeeWee film and my was it put together in the most child like imagination way. I had a burst of inspiration from this children's movie and now all I want to do is dress in a grey suit, and a pair of the cleanest, brightest white shoes.

- the last thing I have been loving is cats but I always love those so enjoy this photograph I snapped of my angel, Prilla.

excited for

In the beginning of May I auditioned for "Wizard of Oz", the current play that a local theatre is putting on. I got a role as an emerald city beautician which I am thrilled about!
I love partaking in theatrical experiences and I cant wait because a lot of drama friends will be in this production as well as new opportunities to meet  friends.


And that concludes what has been "the current" in my life lately.
Start a conversation down below about what you have been feeling / loving / doing in your life.
Have a wonderful day, Keep shining,
love, Elly

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