Elly Lily: Stepping Into the New : a short poem

Tuesday, May 30

Stepping Into the New : a short poem

Stepping into the new
the same place with a different head space

it feels like last year but my calender says its a year later
things said from old friends have changed meanings, i need a translater

external screams of moments long ago, my eyes show images from the past i can not throw,
internal whispers secrets of the future, time passes and the secrets are revealed sooner.

a flower in the white of winter crushed and dying becomes a blossom of self relying.
done with trying and denying now flying without lying.

the voices of those that used to hold back the truth are now just a background beat of childhood and youth.

all the things that used to be the present have been opened, loved, stolen and forgotten.

the things that used to be on my mind are now something to look back on in the past time
a sweet gift of memory that is now not relevant is something to look back on with remembrance.

Stepping into the new
with a new race the past erased

it feels like last year but now a lot greater
the world is a blank space with a new creator.