Elly Lily: the cool kids

Tuesday, May 9

the cool kids

when you are little you are a little star floating in a stardusted ceiling you play hide and seek with your generation and you are scared to shine bright because that will give you away.

so you are hidden from the world and they are hidden from you until the day you realize nobody is really playing hide and seek anymore and you have been hiding for your whole young life.

you feared rejection so you rejected yourself as if by putting yourself down by yourself you would be let down easy and instead of the hard ground, coming, fast, at last you would hit and shatter and break.
you would just fly down and lay down on the way down.

you were a miracle of your own knowing, a shining star glowing,
a river ever flowing that was slowing
to a stop

you were a fresh star in a new constellations but you listened to the voices of the older generations and were brought over through temptations.
you were set in the sky to light up the stars that had already been hidden and buried afar.

they promised you secrets on how to be magnificent how to perfect the architect of how to be cool
something that was granted not learned, something that was abstract and could be burned.
but in the end turned out to be minuscule.

the cool kids the kids who had the effortless grant the self made chant of crowds adoring.
couldn't care less, heart made of ice, never impressed, traits we were willing to pay the price.

the cool kids not the kids who would say things and mean them but the kids who would say things and everyone would laugh because to them it was funny to choreograph a dance of dishonesty.

the cool kids the kids who would hide their shine and pretend they didn't have a voice
that they were mute in a way that had everyone following their noise.

the cool kids the kids who you wanted to be, so you followed their instructions and did what they said in attempt to be like them.


the cool kids the kids who couldn't care less and pretended, who shrugged off feelings, the kids you wanted to be just like so you could feel nothing too
the kids who to be like them you had to lose you.