Elly Lily: True You

Tuesday, May 16

True You

we are born into the universe and we are the universe
we are stitched into the living,  breathing, heart of the fabric of time and space.
we are hidden from prying eyes, camouflaged in likeness to the backdrop of the sky.

we don't decide if we call ourselves spiritual or not because we are the spirit.
we don't pray because the magic, the hope, the greatness, and beginnings are in ourselves.
we are floating in a brain of another and in our brain another is floating in us.
we are the stars, we are the moon, we are the sun, we are the gods, we are everything and more, it is all in us even if we know it or not,

then we start knowing it and we start becoming aware of ourselves.
the layers of disappearance disappears and we crawl out of ourselves to come into a new form
stepping away from the background we are starting to be seen.

it is messy and confusing.
we hear tales of others that have already come outside of themselves to stand in the mirror of self acknowledgement and they tell the rest of us to "be yourself"
but we don't know who is "you"
so we are torn between our natural way of staying hidden and being apart and our way of coming out of our shells and breaking free to create a new life.

then you get over that different, in between stage to come into a new stage.
the stage of blankness.
the fear of beginning, the unknowingness of what comes next
we stay like this for awhile but before we know it this will change.
we are scared of what to change into next,
a child of wonderment who has never been taught what came before
a blinking light that is waiting for the right moment to turn on but doesn't know how.

and then we find ourselves, but not find ourselves we create ourselves.
we start blooming and soon we will be covered in flowers that represent us.
blossoms of opportunity.
a field of flowers that have grown from no dirt but have sprouted simply by the gardeners unwillingness to say no.

you have changed, and morphed into different stages of life and now you stand on your stage and take ownership of your growth, of the flowers you have grown from your struggles, of the creating of the true you.



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