Elly Lily: My first march ; March for Truth Experience

Tuesday, June 6

My first march ; March for Truth Experience

Last Saturday, the 3rd of June, The "March for Truth" was held in more then 150 communities.
The "March for Truth" was a way for people to come together and demand the truth in terms of Donald Trump being investigated for suspicions to ties to Russia and for Trump to release his Tax forms.
You can read more about the March, Organizers, and motives here at the official "March for Truth" page.

I have been very interested in advocating for social equality and ways of helping in today's political present so I jumped at the chance to participate when I found out about this March a few weeks before it was held.
It is so easy to be a bystander who makes comments on the things that are happening in the News but it is also important to show up to these events, to vote, march, write, and add your voice to the crowd that is continuing to grow and must grow.

Here is my experience that I had at the #MarchforTruth
( spoiler alert: it was amazing )

On the morning of the March I got ready by making a sign that read; "March for Truth, March for the People"

I was excited and also nervous, this being my first ever march/event like this to attend, I wasn't sure what to expect. These thoughts of worry and uncertainty cant stop us though, we have to show up anyway because by letting these silly thoughts get in the way of making change then we are never going to get anywhere, stand up for what you believe in even if you don't know all there is to know, if you are still learning, even if you have never done it before (you have to start somewhere!) and even if you are scared.

My mom and I walked up to the location to see a crowd of people carrying hand made signs and listening to a speaker.

There wasn't an outrageous amount of people but it was cool to see the people that were there, coming together to stand up for what they believe in.
The fact that it wasn't a huge crowd also brought to mind how important it is to show up, you will make a difference, your voice does matter, especially in places where there is not so many voices.

There were about seven speakers that we listened to speak out about important topics like health care, global warming, and obstruction of justice.

My mom and I were able to talk with one speaker, Kelly Garvy who is apart of "Kill the Bill"

While listening to speeches we saw a CBS reporter interview an organizer who helped organize the Women's March and afterward we were able to speak with her.

The March for Truth was such a powerful experience, I had an incredible time being apart of a group of people speaking out and standing out for what they believe in.


  1. Congrats on your first march! It's really cool to see other people stepping into social justice, and I hope that your positive experience will convince you to attend other rallies and events in the future. I've been to many protests with my parents before, but until this year I didn't actively seek them out on my own. It can definitely be a little intimidating at first, but I'm glad you powered through. I'm really happy to see other teenagers standing up for what they believe in.

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

  2. So cool that you went to your first march! I have been to two marches before and I probably would have went to the march for truth march where I live but it sadly rained. :( It looks like you had fun. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl