Elly Lily: Nostalgic Summer - a poem

Tuesday, June 20

Nostalgic Summer - a poem

Sunny mornings, rainy evenings
Same scenery, different feelings
old photos, out of date music
past heart, added uses

verses of songs that pull the strings of my heart
a marionette attached to nothing, the master soon to depart

I feel the sweet scent of a past time well spent and now the feeling of the past fills me and creates an urge to go back.
to go away with the clouds and turn back the clock to find the door to last year and knock

photos of far away friends now not in motion and not being created but being looked back on
new memories waiting to surface, a drowning glass of a message, waiting to arise out of the storm you needn't wait long.

The clock still speaks of an hour but it is on the edge of change and soon it will fall to the other side of a new day.

I wait in the hour of time long ago it is so close to the future but the past hasn't past yet and I am frozen in a place of sweet remembrance

smiles that came from thinking of the old times
tears that are rare but still come sometimes
music listened to replicating feelings by each line
thoughts messy and rewritten to make rhymes

I feel the new coming and I am so close I could take off and fly but I am still in the past and the door is still locked to the new that you hear of in others talk

warm weather, bringing thoughts together
coming full circle and restarting a path already adventured
same things done but not with others
my heart fills with the feeling of nostalgic summers.


  1. This is beautiful! Also those flowers are so pretty. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. Very lovely poem! I loved how the photos matched the tone of it as well. :)