Elly Lily: July 2017

Sunday, July 23

Welcome to "Elly Lily"

Hello, and welcome to "Elly Lily"
A blog that was past known as Iridescent Auras is now a site for poetry, fashion, feminism, and activism.

Tuesday, July 11

What is to Come...

In a past post I mentioned how I was ready for change and in a state of transitioning.
And as July is now in full swing and I have had time to discover what it is I feel I want to do.
I am so thrilled to be sharing what is to come of my blogging output.

Tuesday, July 4

An Ode To Independence - a poem

This is an ode to independence
To the immigrants who traveled by ship, sailed across to the new land
To make a new plan, riding the seas of the sailors to make a new span of a generation, crowds of independent minds coming to the new to make independent choices.
Groups of independent hearts that fought to let their hearts fly,
Who sank in the struggles of pirates who stole their name,
To the waves of people who were pushed by people, who had to work their way up to be treated as people
To the delicate dedication of the hands of the feminine who took to their minds and sewed together the different ideas and created a flag of freedom
To the layers of differences and continual confrontation. to everyone, not just those whose skin is the white of the striped fabric but to the red ideas, and the blue ideas, and the rainbow of ideas and inspirations that fought against an opposing force that brought the colors together and intertwined them into ocean of opportunity.
To all the changing and competing ways of life and to the dream that they will all unite to allow them all to exist in a flag of truth and a flag of equality.
An ode to everyone who calls themselves an American no matter if that calling is stalled by someone calling that it isn't true,
an ode to independence, to the attendants in the ascendants of descendents making amendments to further acceptance
An Ode to Independence.