Elly Lily: What is to Come...

Tuesday, July 11

What is to Come...

In a past post I mentioned how I was ready for change and in a state of transitioning.
And as July is now in full swing and I have had time to discover what it is I feel I want to do.
I am so thrilled to be sharing what is to come of my blogging output.

You may notice that my blog is currently in the midst of a new design and that is because I am turning "Iridescent Auras" into a place for self expression, this week the blog will be undergoing changes in terms of the design and name.

The name from now on is "Elly Lily" Elly, because that is what everyone calls me by and Lily because it is my middle name.
In the time that I was learning what works best for me I found I really enjoyed blogging my thoughts, poetry, and photos so on this blog you will be continuing to see and starting to see...
my view of the world (feminism, activism, politics)
fashion ; I am excited to share my expressing in my wardrobe

This blog is a place that I want to be filled with thoughts and ideas, a place that when you read it you start pondering your ideas and it will spark creativity and a revolution inside to work harder, stand taller, and do what you feel is right.
I am passionate about journalism and feminism so I want to consume more of that this year and start creating more of that into the world!

I will be keeping the schedule the same, and you will see a new post from me every Tuesday!

As for my digital magazine "Iridescent Auras Digital Magazine"
It will be changing and growing in the remainder of July just like my blog.
I have a couple of ideas and i already know that I want to cultivate a community in terms of the magazine, whatever shape it takes on expect a sense of community, and more content!

The magazine will be a separate entity apart from the blog.
I will be releasing a launch date and will start giving more information as the month proceeds.

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  1. I’m excited so see about what is to come on your blog. Your header and pages and layout band design and everything look amazing so far. :)

    1. Thank you so much sweet Nabila! Glad you like it so far! <3

  2. Yayy! Progress is so exciting, and you're doing great at it! I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come!