Elly Lily: August 2017

Tuesday, August 15

Silence is Violence

This weekend in Charlottesville Virginia white supremacists held a rally to oppose the removal of a statue of the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee from a city park.
Late Friday night hundreds of torch bearing people marched in the University of Virginia. They walked to a statue of Thomas Jefferson, where a group of counterprotesters were gathered and a brawl ensued.
This event was planned to create fear and was an act of terriosm.
White sumpremacy has no place in America.

Monday, August 7

Why? - a poem

Why did this world grow up to show itself in this way
Why did the childhood of earth bring it up in this way
Why did it ever come to be that in places and head spaces two people cannot sit by each other in fear for someone to point out their existence.
Why did it turn out to be that because of what you look like, or talk like, or love that your voice's volume was turned down.

Why is it that there is only one version of a human that gets to use their mind
When we are gifted with a million different voices that can come together and find
a way of equality and a way of strength that allows everyone to have a say.

This earth is filled with millions of people, the universe holds billions of planets and stars, the force that surrounds the very fabric of existence, the shape that takes form in our mind when we say life.
we are so small and only a fragment of the complexity of space
So Why? Why does it matter what color your skin is or who are lovers.
there is so much bigger things then the discrimination of others.